Our extensive know-how and experience gained by leading mission critical communication systems worldwide enables us to design and develop every component of our solutions and technology in-house. With this in mind, every aspect and component of our portfolio is designed to allow the utmost flexibility and scalability:

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) - Enables changes, modifications or configurations of the wireless link parameters to best fit and optimize the customer's specific application and usage.
  • Unbounded to third party technologies and constraints - Mobilicom's technology is designed and developed in-house, down to the bit, and is therefore in control of every aspect of our technology and free to tailor as needed.
  • A single core platform for the entire family of products, operating as a unified entity regardless of which unit is operating.
  • Versatile network topology options - For network set-up and configurations, using the same scalable and robust units for multiple topologies.
  • Multi-Sphere technology - Same technology, same platform for air, land, sea and ground communication, assuring an encompassing mobile private network scalable to need.
  • Large product portfolio – Mobilicom caters to every deployment scope, from small form factor to large scale deployment solutions, all based on a single core infrastructure.
  • Flexibility working in extremely narrow band as well as broad band
  • Flexibility to support a wide range of frequencies from 75Mhz to 6GHz.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) based System - Guarantees interoperability & supports any End-to-End IP, Ethernet, VPN, VLAN applications for broadcast, multicast and unicast transmissions.

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