ICE Cybersecurity

The ICE Cybersecurity Suite is the world’s first AI-based 360° software that can detect, prevent, and respond to multiple drone or robotics cyber-attacks in real-time without requiring intervention by an operator. In urge to protect all units and data they transmit, Mobilicom ICE Cybersecurity suite prevents, detects and responds to existing threats that may affect your operation.

The challenges come from the distributed approach of UAVs which are having mass quantities work independently, wirelessly operated, easily tapped with high vulnerability. “Disconnected” operation, without a centralized control, in many cases operations in remote sites, heavily depend on GNSS (GPS) availability, and Centralized or cloud security is not applicable in most cases.

ICE cybersecurity complements and seamlessly integrates with Mobilicom’s wide range of end-to-end smart solutions. ICE software provides both new and existing customers the ability to protect their platforms with industry-leading integrated security on an ongoing basis.

Mobilicom offers unique solutions for securing commercial drones and robotics. Prevention is not only better than cure, but it is much more cost effective in the long run. Unlike many other solutions, ICE Cybersecurity suite is available in different tiers, which makes it as hard as possible for attackers to have impact on your operation.

The ICE suite provides 3 protection tiers:

  1. Communication Immunity
  2. Cyber Security protection
  3. Data Encryption