Mobilicom’s Network Management Application Solution (MC-NMA)

Manage, monitor and operate your whole mission- critical-communication network and topology from a remote single on- line console, the MCNMA is mainly used by mission managers. Obtain clear, full visibility of on-site large scale, dispersed Mobilicom Communication Units (MCU-200/30) with these key features:

Live View and Location Tracking of All Units
With all dispersed GPS –enabled units mapped on your local screen, tracking the units is easy. A spread-out digital geographical site map, depicting the location of every unit, its name, type and status, all in real time provides an all-round network layout visibility. The map also shows connectivity level, quality and Statistics between all units in real time.

Network Performance Graphs and Chart Reports
Generate colorful charts and graphs of the wireless network and unit's activities in multiple modes: real-time, average and peak. For optimal decision making during mission operation, easily compare metrics, asses and analyze incidents, events and general activities for future reference and insight. These include allocated resources distribution and usage analysis of entire network and each unit separately.

On-line Statistics per Unit
Monitor the link quality between dispersed units in real time, peak, average and hops mode including: On/Off, Bi-directional Rate, Modulation, FEC,Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), RSSI.

Real-Time Alerts on Network Events and Reporting
Timing is everything. Mobilicom's MNA provides instant notifications of any irregular activity or fault that may occur. Obtain all events, alerts, reporting and network logs online and in real-time. Rest assure that your mission-critical communication network is constantly tracked and monitored.

Network Configuration
Configure and allocate resources of all units in the network with colored coordination tools. Plan your network architecture offline and upload network plans at your convenience.

Over-the-Air Upgrades
To help improve efficiency and operation, Mobilicom enables remote upgrade of firmware and software for all units with a few simple steps.