Mobilicom's Mobile Mesh Technology
Experience: Balancing Control and Flexibility with Reliability

Mobilicom's Extensive Know-How

Our extensive know-how and experience gained by leading mission- critical-communication systems worldwide, enables us to design and develop every component of our solutions and technology in-house down to the bit.  For our customers this translates into full control and flexibility over every bit of our products and solutions.

Making impossible mission-critical-communications possible

Making impossible mission-critical-communications possible is not just a statement for us, it's what we do.  With this in mind all our product portfolio and solutions utilize best- of- breed technology consisting of 4G with Mobile MESH network and LTE physical layer. This enables us to extract the best of every technology and tailor it to deliver optimal mission-critical-communications solutions.

Mobile MESH

Mobilicom's Mobile MESH network is a fully connected "Self- managing" and "Self-healing" network where all units are connected to each other and could act as a relay to other units in the network.   This assures connectivity even in extremely harsh conditions. With each unit providing redundancy to other units, a failure in one unit will not affect the operation of other units in the network.

LTE Technology

Pioneering LTE technology, Mobilicom utilizes its physical layer in collaboration with uniquely developed preambles that enable optimized node configuration and resource allocation to deliver highest performance.

Complementing Mobilicom's modified LTE physical layer is a comprehensive Media Access Control (MAC) layer. Mobilicom's dynamic network adaptation system consists of a virtual dynamic concentrator responsible for making optimal routing decisions. Optimized routing assures a no single point of failure network with maximum performance. Configurations can be changed according to MESH network topology and surroundings.  

Equipped with real-time synchronization module designed to operate at high speed, receiving data and inputs from multiple nodes from various locations and distances, Mobilicom's communication units operating on both a continuous mode as well as "outburst" communication mode.

Collaborative MESH

Our MAC layer also caters to multiple relay network topologies including Collaborative MESH also known as Collaborative Relay /MIMO. Mobilicom is the sole player in the market to support Collaborative MESH.  Our Collaborative MESH network solution is uniquely designed to overcome urban, densely noisy and N-LOS environment, with real-time synchronization ability. Mobilicom's Collaborative MESH amplifies all communication transfer and reception from any multipoint-to-multipoint thus further reinforcing and assuring a strong and stable network. For further details, please view our Collaborative MESH network Technology brochure.

Furthermore our technology adapts on-the-move to any topology and is equipped with a dynamic network adaptation system that automatically calculates best communication route.