Newly launched Network Management Application (MC-NMA) offers an easy and friendly way for mission & network managers to manage their Mobile MESH networks. MC-NMA adds a software solution to Mobilicom’s MCU hardware solutions and it enables effective decision making in real-time operations.


Mobilicom has released its MC-Network Management Application (MC-NMA) for mission and network managers in the governmental & enterprise sectors. The MC-NMA is an add-on to Mobilicom’s communications Unit (MCU) products and enables its 4G Mobile MESH network management.

The MC-NMA logs data for analysis, configuration and maintenance purposes, providing an easy and friendly way for mission & network managers to manage their Mobile MESH networks. It operates on a computer or portable device directly connected to an element within the network as well as over the air.

Mobilicom’s MC-NMA user benefits include:

  • Network viewing tool for effective decision making in real-time operation.
  • One-click configuration for all network elements.
  • Easy pre-mission and network planning including one-time set-up.
  • Mobile MESH Network optimization & analysis.
  • Intuitive interface and easy access including colorful & display and useful buttons.

A few of MC-NMA key features include:

  • Live view & location tracking of all network elements on a map (auto discovery).
  • On-line statistics for the entire network or per element including quality level and capacity in various time resolutions.
  • Real-time alerts on network events and reporting with smart logger for advanced search & analysis capabilities.
  • Online configuration and offline network & topology planning.
  • Over-The-Air Upgrades.
  • Graphs and chart reports of network performance.
  • Built-in map downloader tool & frequency scanner.

“We are thrilled to extend our offering with a new software solution beyond the MCU hardware solutions” said Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam. “Mission & Network managers are now able to take effective decisions in real-time operations while using Mobilicom’s Mobile MESH networks.”……