In preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, SkyHopper offers the ideal end-to-end, highly secured communication solution for commercial drones and robotics

Mobilicom Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has become the first supplier with certified high-power, long range, highly secured data link solutions for drones in Japan. This comes as a result of receiving the Japanese high-power GDT (ground data terminal) and ADT (aerial data terminal) transmission certification for its SkyHopper data links. The high-power certification comes after SkyHopper received the low-power Japanese TELEC certification at the end of 2017.

SkyHopper’s high-power certification comes at an ideal time, with the 2020 Olympic Games just around the corner. As Japan prepares itself for the monumental event, SkyHopper provides the best solution for drones planned to be used for security and other operations.

SkyHopper by Mobilicom is a global provider of holistic end-to-end hardware & software solutions for commercial and industrial drones and robotics including communication, encryption & cybersecurity, integrated video processing, ruggedized controllers and viewers. SkyHopper brings the key components that make “just a drone” into a “smart drone”, integrating the pieces that are valuable for the drone’s creation.

“To know that we provide the only certified high-power, long range, highly secured drone communication solution in Japan today is as a testament to the quality of our systems. A high-power, long range data link has been in demand by the Japanese drone market for a long time, and we are proud to be able to fill this need.”

Jepico Corporation, a SkyHopper reseller in Japan, has been actively supporting the SkyHopper high power certification process and is currently in the process of obtaining an operators’ license.

TELEC is a certification entity registered with Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. The certification proves that SkyHopper conforms to the strict technical and legal requirements of Japanese radio law, and thereby complies with industry standards. The TELEC certification validates that the SkyHopper family of products is of the highest quality, and that Mobilicom is committed to delivering these products to the Japanese market.