Mobilicom takes these extra measures to assure a No Single Point of Failure network:

MESH Technology - Mobilicom's Mobile MESH network is a fully connected "Self-Managing" and "Self-Healing" network where all units are connected to each other and can act as a relay to other units in the network, ensuring connectivity even in extremely harsh conditions. With each unit providing redundancy to other units, a failure in one unit will not affect the operation of other units in the network.
Furthermore, our technology adapts on-the-move to any topology and is equipped with a dynamic network adaptation system that automatically calculates the best communication route.

Dynamic Network Adaptation- Mobilicom's dynamic network adaptation system consists of a virtual dynamic concentrator responsible for making optimal routing decisions. Optimized routing assures a no single point of failure network with maximum performance. Configurations can be changed according to network topology and surroundings.  

Multifunctional Units – Each of Mobilicom's multifunctional units operate both as a transceiver, relay and gateway to other systems. Each unit transceives the data and consequently can become a backup unit creating a robust and redundant communication network.

Collaborative MESH - also known as Collaborative Relay /MIMO - Mobilicom is the sole player in the market to support Collaborative MESH.  Our Collaborative MESH solution is uniquely designed to overcome urban, densely noisy and N-LOS environments, with real-time synchronization ability. Mobilicom's Collaborative MESH amplifies all communication transfer and reception from any Multipoint-to-Multipoint, thus further reinforcing and assuring a strong and stable network. For further details see Mobilicom's Collaborative MESH Technology. 

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