Introducing OS3 by Mobilicom

A Comprehensive Security, Safety, and Standards Compliance Solution for Uncrewed Missions

Is your fleet future-proof?


The Rapid Evolution of Uncrewed Systems Creates New Possibilities and Vulnerabilities.

The exponential growth in commercial uncrewed vehicle systems (UXS) has opened new possibilities from delivery drones to fleets securing critical infrastructures.

However, with increased scale and complexity emerge vulnerabilities that today’s point solutions fail to address.

  • Rising Threats – Increasing operational threats undermine confidence.
  • Limited Legacy Protection – Legacy point solutions lack needed protection.
  • Dynamic Risks – Rapidly shifting threat-scape outpaces traditional security measures.

While Failure May Seem Unlikely, the Impact Can Be Severe

While individual failures seem improbable, one compromised unit over a crowd or downed fleet risks severe consequences – from injuries to substantial economic and reputation damage.

  • Costly Disruptions – Incidents inflict steep financial and operational costs.
  • Brand Damage – High-profile events harm reputation and credibility.
  • Legal Exposure – Businesses held liable for safety and compliance breaches.

Point solutions simply can’t manage risks before disproportionate impact. The time has come to close these gaps.

Manage threats.
optimize continuity.

Holistic Risk Management for Modern UXS Ecosystems

Mobilicom’s innovative OS3 platform is the industry’s first uncrewed fleet operation-specific end-to-end risk management solution.

Proactively manage risks and vulnerabilities detected in uncrewed fleets and missions, comply with regulations and standards, and assure mission continuity by enhancing safety, security, and compliance defenses with the most comprehensive technologies and measures on the market.

The OS3 Advantage

OS3 offers unique benefits for all stakeholders of uncrewed operations. Whether you're a fleet operator seeking to maximize operational efficiency, a platform manufacturer aiming to enhance your product's security and market appeal, or a solution partner looking to expand your market impact - OS3 has something for you.

Holistic Risk

Leverage integrated intelligence to instantly detect threats across operations and trigger swift automated responses to neutralize risks.

Topline and Bottomline Optimization

Drive top-line growth and secure the bottom line by reducing operation costs, downtime, incidents, and human intervention.

3600 Situational Awareness

Achieve unified fleet & mission risk situational awareness to uncover and remediate threats and operational blind spots and inform decisions.

Risk-free, Rapid Adoption

Enhance the mission solution stack with our seamlessly integrated risk management and protection tools.

Seamless Mission Compliance

Meet evolving compliance standards effortlessly, with proactive monitoring, and automated regulatory and policy compliance processes.

Defense-Grade Confidence

Built with MOD Certified/US DOD/NATO tested, battlefield-proven, proprietary protection technologies.

How it Works



Maintain Total Fleet Awareness

Through automated asset discovery and real-time data consolidation, OS3 provides complete visibility into your entire fleet status and topology.



Build and Customize

Leverage proprietary policy-based AI/ML models to instantly identify anomalies and threats across devices, networks, and cloud systems before impact.



Contextual Intelligence

Achieve unified understanding by correlating insights across your entire tech stack and fleet topology to prioritize responses.



Automated Containment

Trigger policy-based automated protocols to isolate and neutralize threats across onboard and offboard infrastructure in real time.



Accelerated Remediation

Restore normal operations rapidly with automated recovery workflows that mitigate risks and resume mission-critical processes.

Securing the future of uncrewed missions


An Established Legacy Reimagined for the Modern Age of Autonomous Operations

With over a decade of securing defense fleets with proven battlefield-tested innovations, Mobilicom delivers the caliber of technologies needed to mitigate risk in demanding commercial environments. Having equipped complex defense fleets, Mobilicom now brings its expertise in resilient security, safety, and compliance to UXS missions. Trust OS3 for integrated protection that empowers your most ambitious missions and operations.

  • 10+ years securing defense platforms, fleets, and missions
  • Proven battlefield-tested innovations stand up to rigorous real-world environments
  • Trusted by military, homeland security, and commercial players around the world
  • Unmatched expertise in UXS protection