HPA - High Power Amplifier

Mobilicom’s high power amplifier (HPA) delivers powerful reception and transmission, thereby maximizing (up to 4 times more) the MCU’s performance and range (when operating in challenging long-distance line-of-sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight (N-LOS) environments.

Mobilicom’s HPA’s are available in a wide frequency range, support automatic power control (APC) and automatic Rx/Tx switch or controlled configuration.  The HPA is a plug-and-play, compact size, low power consumption module that makes every deployment easy and flexible. Supports various standard antennas and designed to provide seamless integration with both Mobilicom’s Mobile MESH multifunctional communication units (MCU’s) as well as any wireless LTE/Wi-MAX/WiFi/OFDMA/OFDM/TDD based unit.


NDAA Compliant

The product complies with the National Defense Authorization Act requirements.

Various standard antenna support

MIMO 2X2, SISO 1X1, Sectored antennas, directional/ beam antennas, and more.

Extra range and performance

Extend the MCU’s existing range (up to four times more) in LOS and N-LOS environments.

High performance radio 

Wide frequency range (75MHz-6GHz).


Seamless integration with any wireless LTE/Wi-MAX/WiFi/OFDMA/OFDM/TDD based unit.


Compact and lightweight

Optimal for UAV and other unmanned platforms with strict SWaP and power consumption constraints.

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