MCU 30 Ruggedized

Real-time, highly reliable, low latency, and high-speed connectivity

The Mobilicom ruggedized MCU-30 unit is a Cybersecure combined Software Defined Radio with Mobile MESH and IP communications unit that delivers ad-hoc direct wireless mobile communication without any infrastructure. This low power consumption, extra lightweight, battery-operated unit provides the highest form-to-performance ratio, and it is specially designed as a Ground Data Terminal (GDT).



KEY features

NDAA Compliant

The product complies with the National Defense Authorization Act requirements.

Highest form-to-performance ratio

Highly reliable 4G, mobile mesh, IP data link at a small dimension and lightweight.

High-performance MIMO Radio

Low power consumption and wide frequency range (75 MHz to 5.9 GHz).

Software defined radio (SDR)

Supports a wide variety of changing radio protocols in real-time.

Interference avoidance

Preventing mutual interference and allowing several transmitters to transmit in the same place.

ICE cybersecurity protection

Detects, prevents, and responds to multiple cyber threats and malicious attacks in real-time without the need for operator intervention.

Real-time GPS

Enabling controlled and autonomous flights.

Outdoor & Indoor operation

Fit robotics and vehicles on the move, whether aerial, ground, and sea. Designed to withstand shock, vibration, dust, humidity, fog, and extreme temperatures.

Products family members 

Available in 2 additional models: Extended ruggedized and Lite versions.

Robust long-range communication

Up to 15 km line-of-sight (LOS) clear and stable radio signal; up to 30 km with directional antenna.

Modes of Operation

P2P, P2MP, Relay, and MESH

HD Video Transmission

Unicast, Multicast, and Broadband

Fully synchronized system

with GPS or w/o GPS.

Compact & Lightweight

Optimal for UAS/UGV/UMV and other unmanned platforms with strict size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints.

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