The MCU RVT offers a mobile HD video and telemetry receiver terminal for multiple viewers, specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones and robots. The SkyHopper RVT lets viewers to receive video and data while operating in air and ground missions. The daylight-readable SkyHopper RVT improves the operational capabilities of any mobile team by providing real-time HD video and broadband data reception, essential for commercial drone operations across various applications.


KEY features

NDAA Compliant

The product complies with the National Defense Authorization Act requirements.

Open platform

User-configurable for maximum flexibility.

7″ touch-screen tablet

7″Panasonic Toughpad multi-touch tablet with Intel 6th Generation Core M5 Processor.

Multiple viewers

An unlimited number of viewers can simultaneously receive real-time data and video.

Extended ruggedized

All-weather, dust, and water-resistant design (IP65).

Full HD-Video support

Real-time streaming of full-HD video.

Low latency video SW decoder

For true real-time high-resolution viewing.

Secure and encrypted

Trusted source of security and encryption, validated by government organizations.

MIMO digital receiver

Dual receiver antenna and GPS location-based services.

Configurable controlling options

Configurable joysticks (2) and buttons (4).


For easy on-the-move viewing capabilities.

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