Robotics/Unmanned Vehicles
Robotics/Unmanned Vehicles
Robotics/Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned systems consist of devices or machines, whether on land, air or sea, that are equipped with necessary data processing and telemetry units, sensors and automatic control units, which enable the performance of missions without human intervention.  These systems are often used for both tactical missions as well as civil applications where it is inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present.

These missions heavily depend on a reliable communication solution that can overcome harsh environmental conditions and N-LOS surroundings. This human-machine interface and interaction dictates the overall operations and mission's success.



To assure optimal communication between human and unmanned machine, Mobilicom delivers an on-the-move Bound-Free Mobile Private Network® that provides ad-hoc direct wireless mobile communication including HD video and data without the need for any infrastructure. By leveraging 4G technology combined with Collaborative MESH topology, Mobilicom ensures:

  • Full situation awareness in real-time
  • Operation on-the-move – HD video and data communication among unmanned vehicles while on-the-move
  • Overcoming obstacles in N-LOS & urban environments, forests and disaster stricken areas
  • A stronger, more resilient network


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