SkyHopper Pro

SkyHopper PRO offers a bi-directional cybersecure Software Defined Radio (SDR) data link specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones, enabling fleet management and operation of autonomous UAV systems. By employing leading wireless technologies, the SkyHopper PRO delivers long-range and non-line-of-sight (N-LOS) communication that supports multiple transmission modes.

SkyHopper PRO supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication enabling various modes of communication, such as multi-drone operations and drone communication to multiple viewers (receivers).



NDAA Compliant

The product complies with the National Defense Authorization Act requirements.

Robust Long-Range Communication

Up to 5km line-of-sight (LOS) clear and stable radio signal.

ICE Cybersecurity Protection

Detects, prevents, and responds to multiple cyber threats and malicious attacks in real time without operator intervention.

Perfect for Urban and Industrial Environments

N-LOS communication provides a robust radio signal while combating interferences and overcoming dead spots.

Relay Operation

Extending Lign-of-Sight (LOS) operation and overcoming dead spots in urban or industrial areas.


Optimized for Video Transmission

Support full-HD video in Broadcast, Multicast, and Unicast transmission modes.


Universal solution for all IP payloads with no integration needed. Supports multiplatform environment operation without degradation in throughput or performance.

Compact & Lightweight

Optimal for UAV and other unmanned platforms with strict SWaP constraints. Available in 3 different models: Stand -Alone, Embedded (Lite), and OEM (Micro) versions.

Built-in flexibility

Compatible with a broad range of flight controllers, mission software, and payloads for optimal solutions to specific customer challenges.

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