Force multiplier for faster response

The ultimate solution for first responders and public safety

Firefighters, first responders, and law enforcement teams must act fast and make quick decisions on the move. These professionals are often required to work in harsh, urban environments, and their life-saving operations require continuity and a high level of coordination and teamwork.


In public safety, robotics and drones are the ultimate force multiplier. They allow operation in dangerous circumstances and inaccessible locations, enhance situation awareness and provide forces on the ground with longer-range and higher-quality aerial vision without endangering lives.

Mobilicom's end-to-end solution provides all necessary communication elements, topologies, cyber security, protection and modes of operation, enabling NLOS, LOS and BLOS operations. The cloud-based network ensures that video and data are transmitted securely and mitigates the risk of cyber-attacks and loss of sensitive data.

Secured and Safe Operation

The multi-faceted and multi-layered ICE software can uniquely protect platforms, safeguard communication channels, and encrypt all collected and transmitted data to ensure that critical sites and infrastructures are not compromised.

Resilient and Robust Connectivity

Mobilicom offers robust and resilient synchronized networking and long-range solutions (LOS) and N-LOS in urban, hidden, blocked, or interfered environments, overcoming dead spots by utilizing relays and MESH network capabilities. Mobilicom’s solution enables sharing and distributing of real-time video and data between drones or robots and the team on the ground or in a control room.

Ruggedized and field-proven

Industrial-grade and field-tested solutions capable of coping with challenging environmental conditions.

Mission Continuity

Operate anytime and anywhere using existing cellular communication infrastructures or the SDR data link.


Accelerate your time to market and reduce risk, development, and integration costs with Mobilicom’s end-to-end certified solutions designed for drones and robots.