Security & Surveillance

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Resilient solutions for security & surveillance drones

Sensitive sites and critical infrastructures require ongoing surveillance and protection to ensure their proper operation and safety, especially in the face of attacks that put vital assets, including human lives, at risk.


Surveillance drones improve visibility and enhance the security of critical infrastructure and utility companies, even in the most inaccessible and dangerous locations with limited or no communication infrastructure. Using a drone fleet or robots is far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional human patrols or other monitoring methods.

Mobilicom offers an optimal combination of high-performance software and hardware featuring highly secure connectivity, real-time data (RTD) and complete, powerful HD video processing, mobile GCS, and cloud-based drone management.

Secured and Safe Operation

The multi-faceted and multi-layered ICE software guarantees protected platforms, safeguards communication channels and encrypts all collected and transmitted data to ensure that critical sites and infrastructures are not compromised.

Resilient and Robust Connectivity

Mobilicom offers resilient and robust synchronized networking or data links solutions that operate in NLOS (urban, hidden), blocked, or interfered environments and overcome dead spots using relays and MESH capabilities. Mobilicom’s solution enables the sharing and distribution of real-time video and other data between drones in the air and robots on the ground, response teams, and control room operators.

Mission Continuity

Operate anytime and anywhere using of existing cellular communication infrastructures or the SDR data link.


Mobilicom’s end-to-end certified solutions, specially designed for drones and robots, accelerate time to market and reduce risk, development, and integration costs.