Mining & Process Industry

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Robust solutions for mining & process industry drones

Outdoor and widespread industrial operations such as open pit mining and more, conducted in harsh (i.e., humid, extreme temperature, dust), hard-to-reach – environments present numerous operational challenges such as extreme environmental conditions, limited accessibility, multiple simultaneous tasks, including the need to ensure workers safety.

Drones effectively obtain accurate, comprehensive, and real-time data on site conditions and stockpile volumes, identify hazards and support better coordination among onsite and remote teams.

Mobilicom offers an optimal combination of reliable, secure, industrial-grade, and field-proven, high-performance software and hardware solutions that can support long-range operations even in the most challenging conditions.

Secured and Safe Operation

The ICE multi-faceted and multi-layered software guarantees the unique protection of platforms, safeguards communication channels, and encrypts all collected and transmitted data to ensure that critical sites and infrastructure are not compromised.

Resilient and Robust Connectivity

Mobilicom offers robust and resilient synchronized networking or data link solutions with relays and MESH network capabilities for operation in long-range LOS and NLOS situations.  They enable sharing and distributing real-time video and other data between drones in the air, autonomous and teleoperated vehicles on the ground, response teams, and control room operators.

Reliable and uninterrupted operation

It is a ruggedized, reliable, field-proven, and minimal intervention solution that provides connectivity and visibility over large, inaccessible areas.


Accelerate your time to market and reduce risk, development, and integration costs with Mobilicom’s end-to-end certified solutions specially designed for drones and robots.