A bird’s-eye view of your assets

Far-reaching reliable solutions for infrastructure inspection

Surveying and inspecting infrastructures such as windmills, electricity poles, antennas, chimneys and more in rural or inaccessible locations can be an extremely difficult task. Manual inspections are time consuming, costly, complicated or dangerous.

Drones with long-rage connectivity and video transmitting capabilities, as well as different payloads, can remotely capture high resolution footage from the field, record and stream it in real-time directly to an inspector on the ground, eliminating the need to trek kilometers into the wilderness, or risk the danger of hazardous climbing.

Mobilicom's end-to-end solution provides all necessary communication elements, topologies, cyber security protection and modes of operation enabling LOS and BLOS operation. The cloud-based network ensures that video and data are transmitted in a secure and protected manner and mitigates the risk of loss of sensitive data.

Secured and Safe Operation

The multi-faceted and multi-layered ICE software can uniquely protect platforms, safeguard communication channels, and encrypt all collected and transmitted data to ensure that critical sites and infrastructures are not compromised.

Resilient and Robust Connectivity

Mobilicom offers robust and resilient synchronized networking or long range, LOS data-link solutions that use relays and MESH network capabilities. These enable sharing and distribution of real time video and data between UVA’s and inspectors in the field  or in a  control room.

Mission Continuity

Operate anytime and anywhere through use of existing cellular communication infrastructures or the SDR datalink.

Cost effective

Accelerate your time to market and reduce risk, development and integration costs with Mobilicom’s end-to-end certified solutions designed for drones and robots